Entree Gallery “Famous People and Familiar Places”

Currently on display though October 10that The Entree Gallery at Reeder Bay is “Famous People and Familiar Places”, a selection of vintage black and white photography from The Ross Hall Collection, by Dann Hall.

Ross Hall received national attention as a wildlife and scenic photographer by the New York Times, National Geographic and Life magazines. In the 1940’s, Eastman Kodak recognized him, along with Ansel Adams, as one of the top ten scenic photographers in the country. His collection, now managed by his son Dann Hall, recorded the early days of Priest Lake and the development of the local logging industry.

Included in the exhibit are photographs of 1940’s era entertainers Gypsie Rose Lee and Patrice Mansel, both photographed on area lakes. Many gallery visitors will be familiar with images  of a River Pigs resue, Bartoo Island, the Thorofare, Jim Lowe’s Resort/Kanisku, The American Falls, Paul Jones Beach, and The Roosevelt Grove of Ancient Cedars.

The Entree Gallery, now at two locations, invites the public to view the work of these and over 120 regional artists on display. Fall hours for the Reeder Bay Gallery are Thursday-Sunday, 10am-4pm, and Friday-Saturday 10am-5pm . The Reeder Bay gallery will close for the season on October 10th

Contact the gallery at 208 443-2001.The Coolin Bay gallery will closed for the season on September 19th.

Pam Martin


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