Bayview Idaho

Bayview Idaho Marina

Bayview Idaho Marina

Located at Scenic Bay on the south end of Lake Pend Oreille, Bayview is a quiet little community that is home to several resorts and marinas. A favorite location for sailboat moorage, the bay is also home to several picturesque, float house communities which give the feel of an ocean-side resort to the area.

Along the waterfront on one side of the bay is a rock structure composed of separate cells with small doors in front. These are the remains of kilns that belonged to the Washington Brick and Lime Co., which quarried lime in Bayview and nearby Lakeview. The lime deposits, about 200 feet thick and dating back more than 550 million years, provided enough revenue for North Idaho railroad magnate D.C. Corbin to install a direct rail extension from Spokane to Bayview at the cost of $514,000. The quarries closed during the 1930s.

Towering mountains and steep, rocky cliffs around Bayview have become a haven for mountain goats, eagles and other alpine wildlife. Surrounding Bayview is 4,180-acre Farragut State Park, the second largest state park in Idaho and a favorite for camping, hiking, cross-country skiing and water sports.

Because of the depth of Lake Pend Oreille (1,150 ft) Bayview is currently the site of a US Naval Acoustic Research Detachment where large-scale submarine models are tested.